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Uma história em Alcool

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Tight restrictions and compliance obligations apply to Ethyl Alcohol on several fronts: Special Taxes on Ethanol, Safety and Quality standards.

Manuel Vieira & Co. offer a comprehensive service of support and advice to their customers.

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Special Taxes on Ethanol:

  1. Information about Portuguese legislation related to Taxes on Ethanol.
  2. Information about authorizations to purchase Ethyl Alcohol.
  3. Monitoring the volume of alcohol purchased by each customer, taking their authorization into account.
  4. Advice on the grade and denaturant suitable for a given purpose.

Dangerous Substance

  1. Transport legislation 
  2. Storing legislation
  3. Labelling legislation

Technical Information

  1. Technical documentation
  2. Safety Data Sheets
  3. Advice on the uses of our products


  1. We offer flexibility – times of delivery, containers sizes, etc.


  1. Information on legal obligations concerning labelling.
  2. Packaging and label design service.
Customized designs to meet our customers’ needs.