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Uma história em Alcool

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  Mission Statement  

Manuel Vieira & Co. and their staff aim at Producing and Distributing Ethyl Alcohol for a wide variety of business areas, including Industry, Healthcare and Retail, always in step with the trust conferred by the Portuguese State in granting us a licence to receive and denature alcohols, and always in step with the trust endowed by both customers and suppliers, thus honouring an over 80-year-old History.


In 1927 Manuel Vieira & Co. were granted their first Industrial Licence. Having actually started as an agricultural business in the beginning of the XX Century, by the Almonda River, in Lapas, Torres Novas, the activity of the Vieira family was shaped by the region’s potentials. Indeed, the abundance of water and the presence of the largest fig orchard in Europe triggered their industrial activity: the Production of Ethanol from fig.

Before 1966, Manuel Vieira & Co. produced and supplied ethyl alcohol to hospitals and other healthcare institutions and also to the beverage industry.

From 1966 on, a State Monopoly was established for the distribution of ethyl alcohol, Manuel Vieira & Co. becoming suppliers for that sole customer – the Portuguese State.

There is a new upset in the sector in 1993 with the end of the monopoly and the start of an open market. While all other non-vinic alcohol producing factories closed down, Manuel Vieira & Co. succeeded in building up a new strong customer base.  

Still family owned, the Vieira family now in their fourth generation, the Company lead in a number of alcohol related market areas. Manuel Vieira & Co. take pride in their list of customers, many of them leaders themselves in their areas of business at an international level.